Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eid Sweet Eid

We might be always spreading leaf and reviving walls in need, but this July 24th we had a specific goal to achieve: draw smiles and paint the tiny little orphans with our joyful and leafy vibes. We really hope to have left a certain memory in their pure little hearts and of course made their Eid exceptional by laying some sweet lines on their faces, making their Eid a “Eid Sweet Eid”.

A Deeds event in contribution with Foodblessed and Lebanese Food Bank. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Circle of Hearts

Some days of our lives pass by like a sweet dream where you see nothing but beauty wherever you look; a dream, that is as long as a lifetime experience, bringing out the best in you, and yet as short as a fracture of a happy second in the book of your life.

A floes stream of new discovery and inspiration arises. You find yourself floating in space with smiles that lighten up a million stars away.

Smiles of Children, and teenagers manifesting love with colors and radiating the beauty of the pure nature of their being. They are unique, beautiful, positive, strong - willed and above all, they are challengers. They are young beautiful heroes. They sweep you of your feet easily to their background, and they force you to pay attention to those details of life which differentiate them from you. They force you to maximize you own potential, to become better than the average person that you are to make a conversation.

The second you lose yourself and let your actions speak and communicate your feelings and intentions, you will find out how useless the words can be, because you will be sure that the potency of your messages is delivered and served better than when we use our common verbal nonsense. You question yourself, who is more blessed? And who should be more graceful? You will learn to be natural simple and spontaneous, accepting and learning from everything.

While you can tell if their words are wrong or distorted or so far from normal because you have something to compare it to, you know how it’s SUPPOSED to sound like, but being open to a new world you will be able to see the ironic and amusing side of the events that you might not be somehow so familiar with. The dream will end, whether it will be repeated or not, we know now that we are all special cases and we are unique and we are all beautiful, and as every word has a symbol, like the heart or (pinky, index, thumb sign) that is used instead of the word “love”; every one of us has a symbol in this vast universe with one common thing that is a vibrant heart.

Thus we are all a circle of hearts ~

"Made with Leaf" art-based circle at Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf - Jamhour on July 10th 
Written by Hanane Tabet
Photography by : Hanane Tabet & Sandra El Heybe
Leafers since Summer 2014

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today a ‪Reader‬, Tomorrow a Leader.

[ When a ‪#‎Leafer‬ quotes ]
"If they lock me up in a barren room with paint & a brush, and tell me no one would come to my rescue, I would hold my brush and paint the walls. Only in that moment would I realise that art came to my rescue." Hanine Damaj 
Today a ‪#‎Reader‬, Tomorrow a Leader.
Theme invaded on the wall of "L'Enfance Heureuse Orphanage", within the initiative"Spread the Love in Honor of Knowledge"
Stay tuned for a colorful footage in few ... LIVE from Enfance Heureuse orphanage; completing a heartwarming initiative created by I Leaf Art,Donate a Pen & Help for Leb, in collaboration with Aie Serve club atAmerican University of Beirut (AUB).

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Growing up

        A bunch of little refugee hearts awaited us that day. We added ‪colorful patterns to their daily school out growing days - Saturday, February 28th, Jusoor - Syrians Forward Together (جسور سوريا) 
       Photo credits : Hanane Tabet

       Child :" I want to draw too, just like you"
-       Me :" but you can’t draw on the walls"
-       Child :"I don't have to draw on the wall, just give me a paper and I’ll draw..
Here, next you.. Just like you."

Then she stands staring to the wall, I dive through her eyes and into her mind, putting myself in her place and think:

In fact, we grew up during war, but that didn’t stop us to dream. We can be whatever we want to be. We will conquer ignorance, we will conquer helplessness, and we will conquer captivity.
In one corner I stand dreaming of growing up, getting an education, and graduating.
In another corner, I stand wondering, within my own imagination, through the seas.
Then I move along the wall to dream of being that innocent little girl, dressed in pink, smiling and waving.
I can be free.
I can be happy.
I look again to that same wall and I dream of being a superhero. A superhero stopping war.

I want to become like superman, I want to save my country, and i want to help. And when I do... I will go back in my memory to the day I was helpless.. When a drawing on the wall made me believe that one day I can. 

Written by Layane Rakka
Leafer since Summer 2014